Monday, October 21, 2013

Deck of Cards Workout

I like my workouts how I like my "organic" as possible. Organic exercise, to me, means relying primarily on my own body and my surroundings as my "gym". I usually do a mix of running, yoga and strength training but recently Jon & I have been doing more bootcamp-style workouts and I am LOVING it! They really hold my attention, get me pumped up and leave me smoked! There is zero reason to be bored when working out, so if your routine starts to feel a little drab, mix it up! Give this workout a try that Jon and I did on Saturday morning. All you need is some grass space, like a soccer field or backyard and a deck of cards!

Here's how it works: You assign a workout to each of the four suits: jack, club, diamond and queen. Flip a card and do x amount of reps (based on the card number) of the workout (based on the suit). Then immediately slip another card. No breaks. Keep going until you've exhausted the deck (and yourself). You never know what exercise is coming next or how many you'll have to do so you never feel bored and time literally flies by!

Our Deck of Cards Workout

Warm Up: 5 Minutes

Spades: 10 meter sprints
Diamonds: Squats
Clubs: Pushups
Hearts: In&Outs (abs)
Joker: Burpees

Number of Reps:
Ace: 1
Cards 2-10
Jack: 11
Queen: 12
King: 13

Cool Down: 5 Minutes

You can customize the exercises based on what you're looking to target that day. I prefer a mix of cardio with a couple muscle groups, like arms and glutes, or abs and triceps. (Make it even harder by switching Aces from 1 to 15) Have fun with it!

Let us know what you think!

Keep it Real,


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