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Thanks for visiting La Vita Organica! My name is Emily. I'm a marketing professional by day, blogger by night and leader of an organic lifestyle.. all day err' day. But I haven't always lived this way. In one of my very first posts, I shared a story will all of you about the very first time I was made aware of my body. I was twelve. I was overweight. And no one was going to let me forget that. Since then I've consistently struggled with my weight, body image, self-esteem and, a little later down the road, anxiety. The magazines will tell you - "Work out more. Endorphines will make you happy again." Well, I've been active all my life from recreational and high school sports to Zumba and from P90X to competitive running. Yeah, it feels good to get a good sweat in, but it wasn't changing how I felt or looked. So, then the morning shows told me "This is THE diet for everyone! You must try it if you have trouble losing weight!". So, I tried - I tried it all - Atkins, WeightWatchers, this cleanse, that cleanse, doctors, pills - and none of it worked. None of it. 

I was fed up. I reached a point where I was simply too unhappy for far too long. I'm a young 20-something professional with passion, goals and people who love me and I couldn't continue down this road any longer. I needed to get to the bottom of these issues that seemed to plague my life and my happiness. I needed to make a change. But what was I supposed to do? I always had this sense in my gut that said "there has to be something else at play here, I'm doing everything right". Around this same time, I happened upon a few articles about genetically modified foods and toxic substances like herbicides and pesticides and the effects these things are having on us as a race. These articles propelled me into more and more research on these topics as well as nutrition, anthropology and functional medicine. What I found was life changing. 

I was right, there was more at play here - A LOT more. As I read, I slowly changed more and more about my diet and lifestyle. Organic and local produce, sustainably sourced pastured animal meats and raw dairy products, safer organic household items like soap, organic dog food, organic candles, safer cosmetics. It wasn't long before my health and my body began to transform right before my eyes. I was running and working out, while consistently, probably less than I ever have and nonetheless saw changes to my body composition that I couldn't believe. I haven't experienced a panic attack in months and wakeup every day feeling happier, healthier and more alive than I ever have.

My story is proof that a commitment to food and ingredient awareness coupled with proper nutrition and easy, positive lifestyle changes can completely transform you, your body and your life into one of true health and happiness. I sound like an annoying infomercial - I know, but you need to hear it. I can't help but want to spread the word to everyone I can - if you're sick of waking up every day feeling crappy and foggy and dead inside, or you feel like you're eating right and working out but aren't seeing results, or you feel trapped inside a body that isn't the "real you", or you just want to know the truth about your food and how its silently affecting your body - I want to help.

I always knew deep down that one day I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. Whether its 10 people or 10,000, I feel very fortunate to have found a way to help others overcome the same struggles I have dealt with and continue to manage in my own life. I started La Vita Organica as a way to share my experience, advice and knowledge with anyone interested. The name "La Vita Organica" means "the organic life" in Italian, a language in which I once considered myself quite fluent, but now just sort of dabble. It was inspired by my time studying there in the beautiful Estruscan city of Perugia. It was during my time in Italy that I was first exposed to the difference between food in America and food in other parts of the world. I attempt to incorporate the Italian lifestyle into my own here in America whenever I can and hope to help others do the same as part of their transformation. 

In order to better assist and coach all of you, I am also currently pursuing my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification, which will be completed in June 2014. When I am not working, blogging or studying, I love to go on long runs, hike, visit local organic farms and markets, attend workshops on food and nutrition, play with my puppy, Olive (see her here promoting GMO-Free Petfood), and travel, whenever I can.

I am excited to share my journey with all of you and get to know you all a little better! Please do introduce yourself either through direct message, in the comment sections on the blog or over on my Facebook Page. What are you struggling with? What have you overcome? What knowledge, food, product or change has helped you most? Can't wait to meet you!

Enjoy the site and Keep it Real,


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