Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Group Chat 'Bout Fat

My three best friends and I have an ongoing group chat we use to talk shop , a.k.a. boys, clothes, the meaning of life. The other night I was sharing with them some water wisdom I picked up in my studies: Chugging water dehydrates you. The proper way to consume water is sipping it consistently throughout the day. This tid-bit totally rocked our worlds. I'm in awe of the kidney's efficiency (When you chug a lot of water at one time it comes rushing into your system and the kidneys say "woah! no no! get out of here, you!" and flush it to your bladder to be eliminated.) They struggled with finally accomplishing eight glasses a day only to find out they've been doing it all wrong. I feel their pain. The topic then shifted to fat - I know they all cook with olive oil, a BIG no-no. So I explained, as much as you can via text, that they need to stop heating up their olive oil, which turns it rancid, and instead start cooking with coconut oil, animal fats, butter, palm oil and some others.

I realized from my conversation with them that we need to spread the word on this one. Too many people are out there buying their expensive olive oils for all of its wonderfully healthful benefits, only to light a flame underneath and oxidize the crap out of it! Stop! Save that amazing and delicious liquid gold for salads or adding to foods after preparation. When oils oxidize or go rancid they react in your body and cause free radicals to run loose in. Free radicals will run around damaging your cells and causing disease like diabetes and cancer and neurological disorders as well as digestive issues and premature aging. Who wants that!? Not me. For cooking, you always want to use more saturated fats and oils like the wonderful, wonderful coconut oil. I also like to use butter or bacon fat! Yea, that's right I said butter.. and BACON! Because of the level of saturation these fats have, they do not go rancid easily and maintain their healthful properties when used in cooking. 

I've put together this PDF for you guys to help guide your fat / oil choices. It illustrates which fats to avoid and which to enjoy (and at what temperatures to enjoy them). I also marked my absolute FAV's with a little gold star! Print it out, Pin it or save the image to your iPhone or iPad - keep it somewhere handy and never ingest a rancid oil again!

You can print this PDF FAT Guide by clicking here: FAT PDF

As always, if you have any questions or want more information regarding fats, oil, cooking, rancidity or you just want to shoot the breeze, I'm available in the comments section below or over on our Facebook Page.

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