Monday, July 15, 2013

Veggie Chronicles: Peaches

Its Peach Season, Baby!  But before bopping on over to your local stop-n-shop to pick up a pound of these perfectly juicy pickins', there are some pretty serious statistics I need to share with you! 

Carrots kicked off the Veggie Chronicles, shedding light on 26 pesticides that, I hope, have lead you to choose organic carrots, maybe even those grown by your local organic farmers. The reason I began with carrots was purely personal; I eat a lot of carrots. Having hit so close to home - I had to share my findings with you guys!

For the same reason, we're about to take a look at peaches. I love peach season. I know most of you do as well. So, it is extremely important that you proceed with caution when purchasing your peaches this summer as they are part of the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) 2013 Dirty Dozen - their annual list of the most toxin-ridden conventionally grown produce. 

According to USDA's most recent sampling, peaches were contaminated by residue from 62 different pesticides. Of the 62, 10 are known or probable carcinogens (cancer causers), 29 are suspected hormone disruptors, 12 are neurotoxins, 11 are developmental or reproductive toxins. In regards to their environmental impact, 25 of these pesticide residues are toxic to the critically important, but increasingly threatened honeybee. Organic peaches, on the other hand, exhibited a 0% chance of pesticide residue.

The EWG encourages consumers to avoid those conventionally grown crops identified as the dirty dozen (including apples, tomato, grapes, celery and more). So, steer clear of the supermarket and seek out your local organic suppliers for these sweet summer staples! 

62, Guys! Are you as shocked as I am? Will you promise to eat organic? 

Keep it Real,


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