Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Things the Media Ought to be Reporting on Today Instead of Twinkies

Did you hear? Twinkies return to supermarket shelves today! What a sad, sad day for America's health and obesity rates. Don't get too comfortable Mexico, you might not hold that #1 spot for long!

Morning news shows everywhere are reporting on this spongey creme-filled treat's return, as though it is something to be celebrated. Concerned, I feel it is necessary for us to stop and ask ourselves:  What's wrong with this picture?

Why did the mere possibility of the Twinkie's extinction from the American diet cause such an outburst from media, and consumers? What has happened to us? With 31.8% of Americans being obese, surely we don't think we NEED Twinkies in our grocery stores, do we? Come on guys, we discovered the world was round, founded our great nation, invented the lightbulb - all without the Twinkie, which didn't come on the scene until the 1930's! 

Meanwhile, our rights are being compromised; corn, cotton soy and, as a result, the world's fertile land are being destroyed; our country is getting fatter and sicker every single day - and no one is talking about it. 

Instead of promoting a product that has done nothing but help perpetuate our health problems, perhaps our local and national news stations out to spread the word about:

  • How organic corn and soy are becoming almost nonexistent as large GMO-backed government-subsidized farms are gobbling up what is left of organic farmers. Organic corn and soy have been around to fuel our race since at least 2500 and 1000 BC, respectively - back before it needed to be specified "organic" because everything was organic.
  • The need for nutrition education in schools.
  • The passionate movement across the United States toward getting our government to protect our rights as consumers and label food containing GMO's, a right of choice given to 64 other countries in the world, but not to us.
  • How the same company that sprayed Vietnam with Agent Orange is the same company spraying our crops with their pesticides and herbicides

If only the same surge could be felt in support of these issues - what might our country look like then? Perhaps if we utilized the media's power to educate our people on the dangers of our food system and the Western diet; to alert people to what is in their food that isn't on their labels; to inform the public about the effects of these foods on their bodies; to make people question why other modern societies felt so strongly about labeling GMO's while our's doesn't - maybe we wouldn't be where we are today - the second most obese nation in the world. 

Let me ask you something - how great and powerful and sustainable can a country be if its population is literally and willingly eating itself to death? Where are we headed? What are we going to do to stop it?

Let's start with broadcasting real issues and celebrating real successes - and leave the Twinkies on the cutting room floor.

Keep it Real,


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