Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Children and MSG

Fast food, potato chips, frozen meals, Chinese takeout, fruit roll ups - YES fruit roll ups - are slowly killing children's brain cells and having adverse affects on their development.

Evidence suggest that a child's brain is 4 times more
vulnerable to to excitotoxins like MSG and aspartate. These toxins blocks off messages to the part of the brain that controls our appetite which not only result in over-eating, but also placing excess stress on the body and its digestive tract and introducing great numbers of these excitotoxins into our and our children's systems at once. MSG excites our brain cells to the point of killing them, destroys our hypothalamus and slowly but surely causes neurological damage, hyperactivity, obesity, depression and more.

Guard your child's brain and future from the affects of the toxins by eliminating MSG from their diets starting now. As a rule of thumb, most flavored foods contain a form of MSG (80% of all flavored foods, to be clear). The trick is learning to spot it's many names used by companies to disguise its presence in our and our children's favorite foods.

To learn how to spot MSG print out and carry my MSG Reference Guide.

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