Monday, November 25, 2013

Ask Me Anything!

Hey everybody! How was your weekend? I spent the past three days in Hartford, CT taking part in a workshop as part of my training to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I thought I'd share a little bit with you about my trip and then we will officially kick off the LVO Video Q&A Series!

 I was so nervous on the drive up north and again in the morning as I signed in with members of the training staff. We were all vaguely familiar with each other from interacting through our online learning portal. For me though, seeing everyone in person was a lot like what I imagine meeting your date for the first time after flirting on for the past 3 months is like. A little awkward and nerve-racking. I quickly realized though that I was in the safest place I could be. Out here in the real world it can be tough. You want to maintain a certain lifestyle and it can sometimes feel like everyone and their mother (or your own mother) is trying to sabotage you, question you and prove you wrong. Your typical conference would meet you with a spread of days-old pastries, bagels, hoagies, chips and sodas. Here at the workshop though, sprouting, kombucha, fermentation, ketogenesis, bone broth, butter and raw milk were the rule in conversation, not the exception. And the spread included farm-fresh organic hard-boiled eggs, organic teas, homemade kombucha jello, saurkraut, organic veggies, coconut butter and goat's milk. Dare I say... Heaven?

The days were filled with learning and the evenings were ours to explore or rest as we wish. I sought out a farm-to-table restaurant using my go-to's and and while I didn't find much, there was one restaurant that really caught my eye. Firebox is a farm-to-table gem with brick walls, fireplace and oversized chalkboard wall-slash-bar menu in the tavern area. Cynthia and I enjoyed an incredible meal of fish-caught-that-morning, organic greens and beets, creamy goat cheese, roasted brussels sprouts and scallops that looked like perfection (though I couldn't taste because I'm allergic <so sad>). If you're ever in the Hartford area, I strongly recommend a visit. Their menu changes with the seasons so whenever you may find yourself there, you are certain to be served a blog-worthy meal. The other meals I made from containers of roasted veggies, pulled chicken, kale, lemon, sprouts and avocado that I made at home and brought with me.  I even ventured out in the snow one night to visit a nearby Whole Foods, which I like to do when I'm in new places to check out the local and regional products that I may not have access to in my area. The New England architecture mixed with the snowy night sky made what would've been a standard grocery store outing an enchanting little adventure, made more interesting by the three wrong turns I made on the way there.

By Sunday I was exhausted but sad to leave. Everything made sense in our little bubble that was that Hilton conference space. I wasn't ready to go back to the world of donuts, Doritos and Dr. Pepper. But on my four hour drive back home I realized... we can't stay cooped up in our bubble. We need need to disperse ourselves amongst society and help people who want help, to guide people with our knowledge and training toward their health and wellness goals, to debunk popular and equally dangerous nutrition and health myths and take a active stance in the efforts to reverse the degenerative path our culture is heading down.

It is for this very reason that I decided to kick off the La Vita Organica Video Q&A Series from Connecticut. I first shared the kick-off video with all of you on Facebook on Saturday and questions are already pouring in! I'm really, really, REALLY excited about this series (if you can't tell from the video)! There is nothing that makes me happier than to be able to help you untangle the mess of confusion that is out there so you can set yourself up for a life of health and happiness. To mee me for the first time through video and for all the deets about how the Video Q&A Series is going to work check out this video blog post below:

How to get your questions in:

I hope you'll share this with your friends, family and coworkers who might have questions too! Let's all tackle this confusion world together and help each other relieve heartburn, have amazing energy, sleep well, feel awesome and reach our health and wellness goals.

I can't wait to hear from you! 

Until then,

Keep it Real

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