Monday, July 29, 2013


I hear it all the time: "Ya only live once - so I'm going to enjoy these Doritos! YOLO!" 

I can't help but ask then, "How do Doritos add value to your one and only life?" 

I am in full support of experiencing new things, taking risks, indulging once in awhile - taking a chance on a new job, moving to a new city or country, facing your fears, learning new skills. The value extracted from those moments of testing, pushing, broadening yourself, is immeasurable. But, what do Doritos or Domino's or Dr. Pepper add to your life, besides extra pounds, guilt, toxicity and disease? I'm serious! I want you to ask yourself: "Why am I so reluctant to give up something that I know is so bad for me?"First, you would probably be hit with excuses, but if prodded a little further, you would find that there is no reason - outside of, maybe, comfort and addiction.
Processed foods, sodas, drugs, alcohol - they provide no value to your life.
Me, indulging in a Dark Chocolate Mouse on my birthday!

This has been one of the most important breakthroughs for me in my journey. The moment I stopped placing value on empty, guilt-provoking, toxic foods was the moment I regained perspective and more importantly, control. But first, I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself. I needed to stop believing that since the pretty girl in the commercial could eat Doritos and be skinny and happy and healthy, that I could too. I needed to stop filling a void with junk and start filling it with what was really missing - a whole, raw, clean, plant-based, nutrient-rich diet. Because when you eat and breathe toxic foods and chemicals, you're not living - you're killing yourself from the inside out. With every intake of MSG, you are killing your brain cells, killing your appetite controllers, killing your nervous system, putting yourself in jeopardy of becoming obese. Every time you choose conventional milk products, because they are cheaper, you are cheapening yourself and contributing to colon, breast and prostate cancer. When you choose conventional or GE produce you are opening yourself up to infertility, cancer, miscarriages, learning disorders (for your children), nerve damage. 
THIS is YOLO! Paragliding over the Swiss Alps (I'm the Top Right Yellow)

Your life is too valuable and time too fleeting, to expose yourself to these dangers! The Dominos and Dr. Pepper might not seem like a "big deal" now, but the majority of these side-effects surface years down the road. You want to have kids, don't you? Or, grandkids? You want to take that trip to Europe you've always been talking about, right? And be there to walk you kids down the aisle, or play catch? Of course you do! We all do! So, it's time to stop killing yourself and taking years off of your life with these toxic foods, drinks and substances. Start living - add years back on to your life - all it takes is fueling your body with the nutrients it needs in the form of whole, clean organic foods! 

You can do it!

Start today by making some simple swaps and learning how to spot nasty chemicals. Feed your body what it truly needs and it will thank you ten times over from the inside out - I guarantee it!

You have one life.. But you only LIVE organic!  



What steps have you taken towards la vita organica?
What benefits have you reaped from this change? I love hearing about all of the success you're having and am always here to answer any questions along the way!

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