Friday, July 5, 2013


Welcome to La Vita Organica! 
I will assume that what lead you to my page is an interest, at some level, in organic food and/or an organic lifestyle. Maybe you have no clue where to start when it comes to living organically and you need some guidance (maybe you don't even really quite understand what organic even means); or maybe you are a loyal organic practitioner who is always looking for a new community with whom you can contribute your knowledge and experience. No matter who you are or what brought you to our page - you are in the right place! La Vita Organica is intended to be a resource for those of us who are seeking to live or are currently living an organic lifestyle. Together we will explore what it means for something to be "organic"; investigate products, brands, corporations, laws, and government agencies that impact our choices; discuss deceptive marketing techniques and contreversial ingredients; create and maintain a healthy, nutrient-rich life for each and every one of us; and ultimately, help each other navigate an organic life through a very inorganic world. We have a lot of great topics and resources in store and look forward to sharing this journey with you! 

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