Monday, July 8, 2013

Locate Organic Resources and Restaurants Near You

I come from a fairly small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania void of any real "Organic Scene". When I moved to Philadelphia, I was overwhelmed with restaurant and market options - in a good way! For an East Coast city, it does an OK job keeping the organic spots in business. 

But when I moved to the suburbs this year, I was LOST. I needed help and FAST. I was now located within 5 minutes of a FANTASTIC Whole Foods (Shout-Out to Everyone who Makes Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting such a Great Shopping / Dining / Socializing Experience!!), but I needed to find my farmers, my restaurants, my coffee and tea spots. 

All my prayers were answered with EatWellGuide.Org. This website searches its database of local, organic, and sustainable establishments based on your location and specified criteria. Even in an east coast suburb I was able to find my Saturday Farmer's Market, Birthday Dinner Restaurant and even discovered a GREAT Coffee Spot that was right under my nose the whole time!

What's more - If you plan to do any traveling in the near future, they have a great tool that allows you to plan ahead by scoping our all of your organic options along your route! Pretty awesome, right!?

Thanks to EatWellGuide.Org for hooking all of us up with such a useful tool!

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